Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

The Most Thorough and Safe Method For Cleaning Anilox Cells

Ultrasonic Technology is proven to provide a safe, fast, effective and consistent method of cleaning Anilox rollers. Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are designed and built to be robust enough to cope with print production environments whilst delivering the most gentle and effective cleaning action possible.

How does an Ultrasonic Cleaning System work?

Ultrasonic cleaning action occurs through ‘transducers’ mounted beneath the cleaning bath. These transducers cause the molecular structure of the water within the bath to be compressed (compression) and pulled apart to form a vacuum (rarefaction).

This microscopic action works in conjunction with our cleaning products to break down ink deposits and release them from the engraved cells. The cleaning process is extremely gentle, yet effective and the result is perfectly clean Anilox rollers in super quick time.

Large format Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Ultrasonic System showing lid up
Bench top single roller Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Range of Ultrasonic Systems
Bench top multi roller Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Anilox roller being cleaned in large format Ultrasonic System
View of Ultrasonic System filled with cleaning solution

Bespoke Cleaning Systems

The build of our Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaners is based on innovative design features gained over many years of maintaining and supplying Anilox rollers to our customers. Many of the unique features on our systems have evolved from practical improvements suggested by our customers, making them extremely user friendly.

We understand that requirements for Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems will vary – we work closely with our customers to design and produce bespoke systems for a range of Anilox roller sizes, ranging from 200mm to 4 metres.

Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are manufactured with a range of Standard Features. However, we can also offer Optional Extras which will customise the system to suit specific requirements and budgets.

Standard Features

Optional Extras

Durable stainless steel construction

DuoTech™ – dual frequency (50KHz and 100KHz available)

Single or multi roller formats

ClearWave™ – solution degassing function

Single frequency 50kHz

Integrated rinse tank

Frequency sweep

Stainless steel lid


High power filtration system

SureDrive™ roller rotation system

Integrated control panel

12 month warranty

On-site service and support available (UK only)

Recommended Cleaning Products

The Perfect Solution for Ultrasonic Cleaning

UltraSol is a highly reactive formulation designed primarily for use in Ultrasonic cleaning systems. Suitable for removing water and UV based inks and coatings, UltraSol’s special blend of surfactants are designed to ‘degass’ quickly ensuring high performance cleaning action for your Ultrasonic system.

  • Available in 25L, 200L containers
  • Non-caustic, non-corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for removal of water and UV based inks and coatings
  • Quick ‘de-gassing’ for efficient cleaning
  • Aluminium and alloy safe
  • Versatile, powerful cleaning action
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