The anilox rollers are a crucial component in flexographic print. If you don’t maintain the anilox roller correctly, you will experience a rise in print rejects and production downtime. Our core focus is to support you in maintaining a consistent high-level print quality, to avoid print issues and unscheduled downtime.

A dirty or clogged anilox roller will result in dirty print, colour match issues, reduced ink flow to printing plate, ghosting and scoring. All will lead to unsatisfactory printed products, which will be costly to your business.

The key to achieving consistent high-quality print is having a clear maintenance process and procedure in place. It is essential that the core elements of the print process are monitored, checked and cleaned regularly. Top condition anilox rollers will deliver high-quality print.

Top Tips to maintenance your anilox rollers:


    • Run cleaning solutions through print units when not in use
    • Use the correct cleaning solution that is formulated specifically for anilox rollers
    • Clean anilox rollers at the end of a print run
    • Check surface of anilox rollers regularly for damage
    • Regularly check condition and installation of other core components (Eg: doctor blades, ink pipes and chambers)
    • Ensure correct set up of doctor blades
    • Ensure your print units are audited at least once a year


    • Allow anilox rollers to run dry
    • Stop anilox rollers when inked-up
    • Use aggressive chemicals to clean anilox rollers
    • Set incorrect pressure on doctor blades, which could damage anilox rollers
    • Leave anilox rollers and doctor blades in contact when stopped

Implementing a regular anilox cleaning regime into your maintenance procedure will benefit your business by:

    • Maintaining consistency of print quality
    • Delivering consistent colour management
    • Reducing print rejects and wastage
    • Reduce usage of ink
    • Improving efficiency and productivity
    • Saving your business time and money

Working as an extension to your team, Print Tech Solutions can support your anilox care and maintenance procedures. Understanding your print operational needs, we will create a maintenance plan to suit your individual print programmes and requirements.

We provide guidance with the use of appropriate cleaning solutions, undertake on-site audits and provide training to support print operators to reduce print deterioration and improve production efficiencies.

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