Offering a Fast and Consistent Boost to Anilox Cells

ThermoPod™ is used in place of the usual ink bucket and allows our smart® REVIVE solution to be heated to an optimum temperature before being pumped around the existing inking system.

The result is astounding when used with neglected Anilox rollers in need of a boost!


Benefits of ThermoPod™ include:

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Integrated control panel
  • Low level liquid cut-off safety feature
  • Easy drain tap
  • Integrated wheels for levelling at various press heights and ease of transportation

The above photographs were taken during recent customer trials. The customer’s print unit suffered a mechanical breakdown, and ink was allowed to dry on the surface and within the cells of the Anilox roller. ThermoPod™ and smart® REVIVE were used to “rescue” the Anilox roller. Within a 20 minute period, the cell capacities were recovered back to their original volumes.

Recommended Cleaning Products

An Organic Acidic Based Solution Formulated Specifically For Anilox Cell Rejuvenation

smart® REVIVE is formulated specifically for periodic cleaning of Anilox rollers. This organic, acidic solution effectively removes plugged contamination within Anilox cells. Occasional applications of smart® REVIVE alongside daily use of smart® AQUASOL will optimise Anilox cell condition.

  • Available in 25L, 200, 1000L containers
  • Non Caustic, Does Not Contain Corrosive Mineral Acids
  • Suitable for water based inks
  • Extremely effective Anilox cell rejuvenator
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