Technical Support

With our wealth of technical expertise, experience and knowledge in the flexographic printing industry, we understand the importance of maintaining high levels of print quality and high productivity.

A critical aspect within the print production is maintaining the anilox rollers. Dirty and clogged up anilox rollers will result in a deterioration of print quality, leading to expensive print rejects, reprints, lost time and wasted resource and money. An expensive any business wants to avoid.

Print Tech Solutions work as an extension to your maintenance team; there to offer the technical support service and guidance to ensure your anilox rollers are correctly maintained to run efficiently and produce consistent high-quality print.

Supporting Corrugated Board Flexographic Printing

To support our corrugated flexographic print customers, we offer anilox roller and print system on-site assessments, scheduled anilox audits and on-site training. We understand that due to the size of the anilox rollers used in corrugated flexographic print that removing the anilox rollers for cleaning or assessments and audits is impractical.

With our audit and training packages our technical support team will regularly visit your site, to suit your operational needs, to monitor and assess your anilox rollers. Keeping your anilox rollers in optimum condition will support the delivery of consistent high-quality print.

Technical Support

Protecting the quality of your anilox rollers to deliver consistent high-quality print