We’re pleased to announce Print Tech Solutions sponsorship of Deno Rowlands – Karting.

With our new branding launched we are excited and delighted to be the sponsor for the young up-and-coming and talented Deno Rowlands.

About Deno

Deno is just 9 years old, but has always had a passion for cars and racing. This was nurtured from the age of two, when he received a battery powered toy car, which amused him for many hours driving around the garden. At four he was attending the local indoor kart track, JDR Karting and was counting down the days when he could step up to petrol karts on the main track at eight. It was evident even from an early age that Deno had a natural car control. However, with any racing you need to have strong upper body strength, which was then a focus to prepare him for cadet karting.

On finally reaching the grand age of eight! Deno got a cheap race suit, gloves, an old helmet and some second-hand karting boots and headed to his local karting track, but this time would be his first session on the main track. This was a turning point.

Supported by his parents and encouraged by those around him who saw his passion and skills blossom, there has been few weeks that he has not been karting somewhere.

JDR Karting is his favourite indoor track, he feels at home there and is really welcomed by all of the staff whenever he goes there, which despite his now busy racing schedule he still returns most months for a practice and catch up with everyone.

The next stage of progression

Only a few months after his 8th birthday Deno met up with K&M Pro Tech Racing, who support a number of F1 teams with simulator testing. After seeing Deno talents, they offered to provide some coaching and guidance on Deno’s future, which included fitness, exercises, driving skills and promotion. K&M Pro Tech Racing also invited Deno to media days at Silverstone.

The next natural step was to join Teamsport Race Academy. This is an academy to develop karting skills and once the course is completed it provides the ability to attend race Academy against other elite level drivers.

This followed Deno entering Kart School, which involves driving adult twin-engine karts, which meant quite a few seat liners to enable the peddles to be reached! These are faster and more physically demanding, but Deno rose to the challenge and won the second kart school he entered.

Deno the next challenge

Pushing forward with progressing his skills and capabilities and through Herefordshire Raceway Deno competed for two championships, the Winter Championship 22/23 and Summer Championship 2023.

Herefordshire Raceway have a strong history of drivers going onto compete in other karting series, one major aspect is that the tyres used are slick tyres in all conditions, and being able to drive on slick tyres in very wet conditions really sets the drivers apart.

With his own go kart which is a Honda cadet, he has so far only done owner driver testing in this with a view to enter a national owner driver championship in 2024 called CKC.

The Kart Championship

The plan was to introduce Deno to Total Karting Zero next year, however, after speaking with them they suggested he was ready to start and was invited to attend Round 3 of the southern championship.

Deno and his parents placed no expectations on him for the weekend race. It was about attaining some key experience, gaining some seat time and understanding of the race. There were some far more experienced drivers entered.

However, with a very competitive and focused Deno, he qualified on Pole for the Cadet B class and finished 3rd in the final to secure his first podium on his first attempt! An amazing achievement.

This resulted in securing sponsorship from some local companies for a couple more rounds and Deno despite missing the first 2 rounds has already qualified in the top 50% of drivers nationally and secured entry to the national championship.

Deno Rowlands - Karting

Print Tech Solutions Sponsors Deno Rowlands – Karting

It was at this time that Scott Davis (Managing Director of Print Tech Solutions) came across Deno and spoke with his dad Chris regarding further sponsorship.

Chris said, “We had initially thought it was just for one round of sponsorship. We would have been very grateful for that, but Scott said Print Tech Solutions would like to support Deno, as sole sponsor, for the remainder of 2023 and all of 2024. The sponsorship from Print Tech Solutions is fantastic and means so much to all of us. It secures Deno’s place on the grid for the rest of this year and the 2024 season. It is so rewarding that his dedication and passion for the sport is being supported in such a way.”

Scott Davis added, “It’s one of my passions and on seeing and hearing about Deno and his opportunities, I arranged to speak with Chris to see if we could support him further. I am also extremely passionate about apprenticeships to promote the next generation of engineers. I was therefore really interested in Total Karting Zero who are unique in that all drivers enhance their STEM learning in a fun and competitive way. The programme aims to engage todays racing drivers and inspire future engineers and team leaders, something that I am happy to support and promote through Print Tech Solutions”.

With the new branding we are looking forward to seeing Deno in his new race suit and helmet.

Print Tech Solutions wish you all the best Deno in your next races and we’ll be watching you progress with excitement.


The remainder of the 2023 season is as follows.

Sat/Sun 16th & 17th September: Southern Round 6 – Ellough Park Beccles (near Norwich)

Sat/Sun 24th & 25th September: Northern Round 6 – Shennington (near Banbury)

Sat/Sun 7th & 8th October: National Championship Round 1 – Shennington (near Banbury)

Sat/Sun 4th & 5th November: National Championship Round 2 – Whilton Mill