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The range of cleaning products by Print Tech Solutions has been researched and developed over the last 13 years to provide a safe and effective method of cleaning for print companies. Many companies are still unwittingly using unsuitable, non-specific or harmful cleaning substances without realising the disastrous effects they can have on print. Specifically formulated for the print industry, all products in the our range are non-caustic, non-aggressive and ‘REACH’ compliant.

Safe, Effective Cleaning

Steve Turner, Managing Director of Print-Tech Solutions comments: “During our site visits we often find customers using unsuitable generic cleaning chemicals to remove inks, which can cause immediate or long term damage to sensitive and costly parts of the printing process. A lot of this damage and expense can be prevented by using cleaning products that are specifically formulated for the print industry.”

Look After Your Anilox Rollers

Even the smallest amount of contamination within the anilox cells can have a serious detrimental effect on ink lay down and subsequent print quality. As a knock on effect of this, printers are having to spend considerable time and money reformulating ink strengths to achieve target ink densities. Essentially ink suppliers are shooting at a moving target if they cannot be confident that the anilox cell volumes are maintained at a constant level.

Avoid Damage to Printing Plates

Photopolymer plates have also evolved significantly, with the surface finish playing a key role in the way ink is laid down onto the printed substrate. The need to clean large numbers of plates quickly often leads to the use of aggressive chemicals, which can affect the surface properties of the printing plates even after one use. This can immediately affect to the way the plate performs, and can also cause longer term damage to the plates through hardening and cracking of the surface.

Steve Turner goes on to say: “The key to effective management of Anilox and Plate cleaning is correct product application – we work closely with customers to provide ongoing support and tailored training, ensuring that print operatives are using our cleaning products in the most cost effective way. To help customers correctly manage their use of cleaning solutions and its impact on the environment, we can also offer various Dilution and Dosage options.”

Print-Tech Solutions also provides a bespoke service of product development in response to specific customer requirements. Whilst the main smart® lineup is limited to 10 cleaning products which cover most applications, there have been over 150 formulations of development products during the past 13 years which have been formulated to solve particular cleaning needs.

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