We provide a range of safe and effective cleaning solutions that have been uniquely formulated for the flexographic print industry. All our cleaning solutions are formulated for the removal of water and UV based inks and coatings from all areas of the printing process. 

Our focus is keeping your anilox rollers in optimum condition to maintain high-quality print and pro-long the life of anilox rollers.

Cleaning Solutions for All Flexographic Anilox Rollers

Supporting corrugated board, flexible packaging and narrow web flexographic print processes, we have developed cleaning solutions that meet your industry’s individual needs. AquaSol serves the corrugated board sector, developed to suit on-press cleaning, to accommodate the large size of the anilox rollers, which makes it impractical to remove them for cleaning. Whereas UltraSol has been developed for the flexible packaging and narrow web flexographic printing, whose anilox rollers are much smaller. This gives the operator the ability to remove the anilox rollers, to be cleaned in an UltraSonic Tank, using UltraSol.

We Continue to Evolve our Cleaning Solutions

We have continued to develop our cleaning solutions to support your changing needs and challenges you are faced with.

To support and help meet environmental targets, led us to evolving AquaSol to develop AquaSolx4.

To provide that extra help to anilox rollers that have become heavily contaminated, we developed cleaning solutions to safely and effectively tackle the issues and return your anilox rollers to top condition. From AquaSol to CellGel, LFWash, to PolySol, all our cleaning solutions have been specially formulated for flexographic print, in order for you to continue to produce high-quality print and pro-long the life of these critical components: anilox rollers.

With over 20 years of experience, Print Tech Solutions has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise of the flexographic industry.  Looking forward we are continuing to review and evolve our cleaning solutions to suit the changing needs of flexographic print.

To maintain your premium print quality standards, we will help you to create the correct care and maintenance for your anilox rollers and surrounding core components to keep your print production running effectively and efficiently. 

Protecting the quality of your anilox rollers to deliver consistent high-quality print

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We are here to support you maintain your anilox rollers in top condition, to keep your flexographic press running efficiently and reduce print rejects, to save you time and money.