Plate Cleaning Stations

Save time and money with our effective plate cleaning stations.

By investing in dedicated Plate Cleaning Stations, the care of printing plates becomes part of a ‘best practice work flow’ which will save your business time and money.

Operators are naturally encouraged to clean and store plates after print runs when they have the equipment to handle them. This in turn will reduce neglect and damage, avoiding significant remake charges. With an average plant holding over £1 million worth of printing plates, it’s really worth considering.

Manual Plate Cleaning Stations

Installing this cost effective Manual Plate Cleaning Station close to the press has many benefits. Operators can quickly and effectively remove ink residue from the plate surface before it dries – this will prevent damage to plates and save time, money and effort. With a built in trough, drip tray, drainage and storage, the system allows you to keep surrounding areas clean and tidy.

Features Include:

  • Split hanging allows up to 4 plates to be cleaned simultaneously.
  • Drip tray and drainage facility.
  • Available in 2.5 and 3m options.

Durable, Robust and Practical

  • Manufactured with durable stainless steel.
  • Will not rust or corrode.
  • Easy to clean down after use.
  • Can be moved around to any convenient location.

Easy 3 Step Process – Spray, Rinse and Go

  1. Spray the printing plates with our recommended cleaning solution, allowing the product to soften the ink residue.
  2. Rinse the plates well with clean water.
  3. Hang the plates in the storage area to dry.
Front view of Plate Cleaning Station
Front view of Plate Cleaning Station
Rear view of Plate Cleaning Station
Rear view of Plate Cleaning Station
Drip tray and drainage

Recommended Cleaning Products

Our Best-Selling General Purpose Press Cleaner

smart® AQUASOL is specifically formulated for the removal of water and UV based inks and coatings from all areas of the printing process. It is suitable for use on Anilox rollers, rubber rollers, polymer plates, ink pumps and doctor blade chambers.

  • Available in 25L, 200L, 1000L containers
  • Non Caustic, Non Corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for removal of water and UV based inks and coatings
  • Versatile, powerful cleaning action
  • Protects metallic components through use of corrosion inhibitors – Aluminium and alloy safe
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