Path Roller Sleeves

Seamless Protection for Rollers

Path Roller Sleeves offer seamless protection for your rollers, giving non-stick properties to metal or rubber covered rollers.

The thin seamless barrier prevents deposits of ink, coatings or adhesive stock from sticking to the roller surface. This can mean a huge reduction in downtime for printers.

Our Path Roller Sleeves are very easy to fit and can be fitted by the customer or our engineers either in our works or on site. We can also supply them with an etched interior surface to enable them to be bonded or give extra grip. Nip roller applications should always be bonded in place.

Benefits of Path Roller Sleeves

  • Fast, simple and easy to fit
  • Seamless sleeve means no edge lift, no registration problems
  • Repels almost all inks, coatings and adhesives
  • Long life and very durable
  • Chemical and solvent resistant
  • Can be fitted on site or at our premises
  • Eliminates path roller cleaning
  • Extremely cost effective
Image showing Pathroller without sleeve fitted
Path Roller - No Sleeve
Image showing Pathroller with sleeve fitted
Path Roller - With Sleeve

How to Fit a Non Stick Sleeve to a Path Roller

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