Our core focus is your continued success in maintaining consistent premium quality print and high productivity.

With a wealth of experience, we can support your print operations with on-going technical expertise to meet the daily challenges you face. We understand the pressure to deliver the high-level print that your customers expect and demand and the need to ensure print rejects and production downtime are kept to a minimum.

Working alongside your print operations we will ensure your print units are maintained and cared for correctly. With the anilox rollers being a critical component to the flexographic print process, we strive to ensure best practices are adopted daily, weekly and monthly maintenance procedures.

Keeping your anilox rollers in top condition will have a major impact on the quality and consistency of your print.

Our technical support package helps you deliver premium print.

Site overview:

We will visit your site to understand your print operations, layout and current issues you are experiencing. We will discuss your objectives moving forward to ensure we continue to support you in the best way.

On-site audit:

  • We will undertake a diagnostic of your anilox rollers, to evaluate their current condition.
  • We will examine ancillary components, which have a direct effect on the wear and tear of the anilox rollers and the quality of your print.
  • We will review the condition and settings of your doctor blades.
  • We will check connecting ink pipes and the overall print system.

Audit report:

We will discuss our findings with you and create a report detailing our findings along with recommendations. Our recommendations will include a care and maintenance process to suit your working operations and layout and any urgent actions to be taken.

We will guide you, to support your operators and print process to deliver consistent print quality.

Review and plan:

From our audit and report we will:

  • Work with you and present audit findings to your team to support them in managing the care of your anilox rollers.
  • Introduce recommended remedies to save you time and costs.
  • Develop a plan of action to resolve urgent print issues.
  • Set targets to achieve print improvements.
  • Implement regular review dates to ensure maintenance schedules set and agreed are being achieved.

We will help you act on the recommendations and support you with the findings, to protect and improve your print process, quality, and productivity.

On-site Training:

Building the knowledge and skills of your print operators, will have significant benefits and cost savings for your business.

  • We offer classroom and press-side training.
  • Our training will provide in-depth knowledge of the anilox rollers and the critical need to care and maintain these correctly.
  • We will impart our expertise, so your operators understand how to maintain your print system and what causes print deterioration.
  • We will illustrate how to monitor and prevent print issues.
  • Certificates are issued to those who attend, to provide a record for your in-house quality and health and safety policies.

Incorporating best practice care and maintenance for your anilox rollers will benefit your business by:

  • Maintaining consistency of print quality
  • Delivering consistent colour management
  • Reducing print rejects and wastage
  • Reduce usage of ink
  • Upskilling your print operators, forming a more proactive operation
  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Saving your business time and money

We understand there are many challenges in the print industry, not least staff changing and loss of print knowledge. We will work as an extension of your team, to support your business and print operations, to ensure your anilox care programme is implemented correctly and regularly. For more information visit the Technical Support side of our website.

If you would like to improve print efficiencies and ensure your team are working to pro-actively reduce print defects and maintain high productivity, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

To maintain your print quality, find out more about our specially formulated cleaning solutions for flexographic print here.

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