New Product Demonstrates Outstanding Results for Anilox Rollers

A new cleaning system ‘ThermoPod™’ launched by Print Tech Solutions has demonstrated outstanding cleaning results on Anilox rollers during recent customer trials.

Aimed at the corrugated post print market, ThermoPod™ heats the specially formulated cleaning solution to an optimum temperature before being pumped around the existing inking system. Used in combination with smart® REVIVE cleaning solution, customer trials of ThermoPod™ have shown cell volume increases of up to 45% within a 20-minute period.

Thermopod and smart Revive
New ThermoPod System with smart Revive
PTS conducting an Anilox Audit on site
PTS conducting an Anilox Audit
Close up image of Anilox cells before cleaning
Anilox cells before cleaning
Close up of Anilox cells after cleaning
Anilox cells after cleaning

An Effective Method of Cleaning Anilox Rollers On-Press

Steve Turner, Manager Director commented: “We identified a real need in the post print corrugated market for cleaning Anilox rollers within the press. Due to the complexity of removing Anilox rollers to allow off-press cleaning methods such as Ultrasonics, it’s not always commercially viable and printers are looking for alternatives. Removing Anilox rollers for cleaning purposes can be costly, both in man hours and potential damage that can occur during removal. Current on-press cleaning methods are limited and may not clean thoroughly enough or may damage the delicate surface of the Anilox roller. We have developed the new ThermoPod™ system to complement our existing range of cleaning products and services, offering a safe and thoroughly effective way of rejuvenating Anilox cell conditions in a very short space of time.”

ThermoPod™ has been in development for the past two years, and its success is based on a carefully chosen combination of cleaning agents and gentle heat which loosens and removes deposits within the Anilox cells. Recent tests carried out at post print sites around the UK have demonstrated extremely encouraging results and cell volume increases are becoming the norm.

Helping Customers Achieve Consistent Results

Steve Turner goes on to say: “We are continually striving to help our customers achieve consistent, high quality print, and as Colour Management is now taken more seriously than ever before we knew that we needed to come up with a ‘silver bullet’ to help post printers maintain Anilox volumes. The combination of our new ThermoPod™ system with our cleaning product smart® REVIVE, has further enabled us to maintain this goal within the Flexo printing process.

ThermoPod™ has a durable stainless-steel construction and offers many features including an integrated control panel; low level liquid cut-off safety feature; easy drain tap; and integrated wheels for levelling at various press heights and ease of transportation.

For further information on ThermoPod™ please contact our sales team on 0871 224 3838 or email: