Celebrating the Fantastic Achievements of Engineers

The amazing accomplishment of engineering is around us all, in our everyday lives.

Too often we are unaware of what engineers do and the impact they have on our world today and how they are making positive impacts for our future. It is why we need to take time to understand and celebrate the importance of engineering.

Print Tech Solutions is pleased to support National Engineering Day, to celebrate and build awareness of engineering, and the fantastic contributions and impact it has on all our lives.

With the many challenges we now face, especially surrounding our environment, the need for skilful and knowledgeable engineers is essential. In every field of engineering, we need to develop and nurture the talent we have and encourage the younger generation to follow the path of engineering, in its many guises.

Without the skills and knowledge of engineers, we won’t be able to tackle climate change issues, or create more sustainable products to reduce our carbon foot, improve energy efficiencies or reduce the environmental impact.

Engineering is the key to constant innovation and product design and development.

Working with expert engineers we have been able to continually evolve and develop our cleaning solutions, to care and maintain anilox rollers safely and effectively. Providing the expertise on best practice to maintain the top condition of your anilox rollers, our cleaning solutions have supported you in achieving premium print.

Sustainable Engineering

This year’s National Engineering Day theme surrounds the concept of “Engineering for a Sustainable Future”. This is a highly relevant topic as industries are under increasing pressure to be more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Understanding these challenges our customers face, we have already delivered AquaSolx4 to support our customer’s carbon neutral targets and with the support of a talented engineering team we are continuing to review and develop our cleaning solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of environmental targets.

Engineering is responsible for many things we all take for granted that help us go about our everyday lives.

For that reasons we must continue to encourage those budding young engineers, to ensure we have the engineers of the future, to continue to innovate and develop.

To all engineers, we celebrate #NationalEngineeringDay

If you want to understand more about our cleaning solutions to aid the quality of your flexographic print, contact us now, we’re here to help you maintain consistent high-quality print safely and effectively.