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Narrow Web / Labels – Enhancing your print productivity

In this fast and challenging market our advanced premium cleaning solutions provide the safe and effective care and maintenance support to deliver consistent high-quality print.

Our cleaning solutions have been specifically formulated for the flexographic printing process, to ensure your anilox rollers remain in top condition to consistently produce premium print and high productivity.

With the ability to easily remove and change anilox rollers in narrow web flexographic print, we developed a cleaning solution specifically for off-press cleaning.

Our specially formulated cleaning solution UltraSol has been developed to be used in Ultrasonic tanks to deliver high performance cleaning. UltraSol is a highly reactive formulation designed primarily for use in Ultrasonic tank cleaning systems and is suitable for removing water and UV based inks and coatings.

UltraSol’s special blend of surfactants are designed to ‘degas’ quickly ensuring high performance cleaning action for your Ultrasonic system.

To support you in maintaining high-quality print, our team can provide technical support and training, to broaden your operatives knowledge and to gain ‘best practice’ care procedures for your anilox rollers. Our experience has shown that operators who understand the core role of the anilox rollers and their function are better equipped to pro-actively react and solve print issues occurring due to clogged, dirty or damaged anilox rollers.

Maintaining your anilox rollers will benefit your print productivity and print quality.

With our support you can maintain consistent high-level of print and reduce print rejects, providing you with an efficient flexographic print process.

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Maintaining the condition of your anilox rollers will keep your press running efficiently and reduce print rejects, saving you time and money.

Print Tech Solutions will provide the technical support and guidance to meet your print quality objectives.