Anilox – Nano Zoom

Flexo printers have searched for the ultimate Anilox screen for many years. The ability to print a wider range of work onto varied substrates, using a reduced number of screen specifications has become the holy grail for many printers.

Within the post print corrugated industry, this search has taken on greater significance due to restricting factors such as time and costs involved in changing Anilox rollers in press, and varied print requirements ranging from block solids to tone/process.

Versatility is the key

Steve Turner, Managing Director of Print-Tech Solutions comments: “Due to increasing demands for high quality print, particularly in the corrugated market, our customers have had to consider the need for a more versatile Anilox roller. With the introduction of nano™ screens in recent years, printers can now accommodate a wider range of job specifications and substrates”.

Advancements in the software used to control LED laser beams have enabled the creation of a cell geometry which is not only capable of delivering sufficient volumes of ink to cover low grade board, it can also maintain sharpness of ink delivery to cope with vignettes, tone work and fine reversed out text.

Steve Turner goes on to say: “The nano™ cell enables us to introduce higher than normal screen counts, giving our customers the best of both worlds – they would previously have had to compromise between fine detail and ink coverage. The benefits of this technology are numerous and we are seeing a significant switch from traditional cell formats to nano™ cells amongst our customers.”

Unique Cell Geometry

Due to the unique cell geometry, the movement of ink within the cells keeps them cleaner for longer, which is a huge advantage for corrugated post print. Other benefits include greater resistance to ‘ghosting’ on long print runs, reduced board crush and elimination of the need to ‘skip feed’, all of which offer significant cost savings and increased productivity for printers.

Support and Advice

Print-Tech Solutions works closely with customers, helping them fine tune the printing process by advising them on the most suitable screen specification for the job. With regular on-site support and training, frequent analysis of Anilox cell condition and advice on Anilox maintenance, Print-Tech Solutions’ proactive approach has also helped customers achieve cost savings through reduced ink usage and a reduced need for Anilox refurbishments.

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