nano™ Technology – The Ultimate Anilox Solution

Flexo printers have searched for the ultimate Anilox screen for many years. nano™ technology offers the perfect solution – the ability to print a wider range of work onto varied substrates, using a reduced number of screen specifications.


Due to increasing demands for high quality print, particularly in the corrugated market, our customers understand the benefits of a more versatile Anilox roller. We are seeing a significant switch from the use of traditional cell formats to nano™ cells.

What is nano™ Technology?

Due to advancements in the software used to control LED laser beams, we can now create a cell geometry which can deliver enough ink to cover low grade board yet still maintain sharpness of ink delivery to cope with vignettes, tone work and fine reversed out text.

Benefits of nano™:

  • Ability to introduce higher than normal screen counts – can cope with fine detail and ink coverage
  • Greater versatility – the same anilox roller can be used for various print jobs – less time wasted on changing rollers
  • Greater circulation of ink within the cells – keeps rollers cleaner for longer
  • Significantly better solids – consistent print quality
  • Sharper text and reversed out details
  • Greater resistance to ‘ghosting’ on long print runs
  • Reduced board crush
  • Elimination of the need to ‘skip feed’
  • All of these benefits combined offer significant cost savings and increased productivity for printers.
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