Following the successful transition from leasing to purchasing a Parts Washing System some years ago, Scotland based TPL Labels have recently invested in a second system supplied by Print-Tech Solutions.

 The latest PWT-1400 system is larger than the earlier system supplied some 8 years ago and forms part of a major investment programme to increase the capacity and print capabilities of the company.

TPL Labels Plant Manager, John Costello is quoted as saying:

“We decided to move across from our existing parts washer supplier to Print-Tech Solutions for several reasons but mainly it all came down to costs. When we carried out a cost analysis to compare the hire costs associated with our previous supplier it became apparent our R.O.I would be reached in approximately 24 months if we purchased our own brand new system. The savings have been so significant over the past four or five years that we have now purchased a second, larger parts washer from Print-Tech Solutions.

We also found that the equipment on offer from our previous supplier was simply too generic and not designed specifically for Printers. it was extremely beneficial to sit down with the guys from Print-Tech Solutions and our production team allowing them to give an insight of what modifications would benefit them in the daily use of the system.

Another reason for purchasing the parts washer was the benefits it gave when it came to disposing of the used solution. The monthly costs from our previous supplier appeared to be low until the total cost over the contract term was calculated. The total costs were very high and we also had to work within their agreed contract of how many waste pick-ups we required per year. If we wanted to re-negotiate the contract part way through it became rather messy and invariably rather costly. The switch to Print-Tech Solutions allowed us to negotiate with independent waste disposal companies directly, ensuring we could keep control of our costs and more importantly reduce them!

Finally, we are in a great financial position after two years as we now own our parts washer with very little maintenance required”

Is cleaning of ink trays, blade holders, rollers etc becoming a drain on your resources?

Are you aiming to speed up job/colour changes?

Why not consider investing in one of our automated Parts Washers as a simple answer.

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