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It’s been a while since we caught up with Print Tech Solution’s sponsored young superstar, Deno Rowlands and we have some exciting news that is seeing his motorsport career advance.

The changing face of Total Karting Zero

Deno initially raced in the Total Karting Zero (TKZ) championship, founded by F1 legend Rob Smedley. However, TKZ always had aspirations to go global. Finally, this has happened. Introducing the Global Karting League (GKL) which was launched in November. In line with the roll out the UK operation will become Global Karting League UK (GKL:UK)

GKL:UK provides the platform to grow the league and provide further opportunities for the young drivers, (6 – 17 years), which we are pleased to say includes Deno.

Deno behind the wheel of his electric GKL kart

Deno behind the wheel of his electric GKL kart

It’s more than just racing, it’s educating the engineers of tomorrow

Following the same ethos of TKZ, Global Karting League educates and encourages young drivers to get behind the wheel by providing a cost-effective solution to motorsport. GKL:UK educates drivers about the science behind the sport using a STEM platform. It engages drivers in science, engineering, technology, and math’s.

GKL:UK want to nurture and grow the F1 drivers of the future, but they also want to develop the technologists that will design and develop the sport for the future.

Update on Deno Rowlands Racing in the championship:

Deno currently sits 5th place in the National Championship and his next race is taking place  take place 2 and 3 December at Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire. This will be the final race of GKL:UK for 2023.

Swiftly follow this weekend’s race will see Deno entering his first official MSUK event, which is following him passing his ARKS test and gaining his licence.

Returning to the Northamptonshire circuit, Whilton Mill, (16 – 17 December), Deno will be racing in his own petrol kart, in The Kart Championship Winter Cup, under the MSUK.

Deno will be experiencing a 200cc petrol powered kart in a competitive scenario for the first time. This is sure to be an exciting race for Deno, especially the change from an electric powered kart to an internal combustion powered kart that will drive completely differently.

Interested to watch this exciting MSUK race, then go to the YouTube channel Alpha Live where it will be streamed live on 16 and 17 December.

Good Luck Deno

We wish Deno the best of luck at both of his upcoming races. We are sure he will hit the ground running to meet the new challenges he faces in his flourishing motorsport career.

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