A regular inspection routine, will identify underperforming anilox rollers

Damaged or dirty anilox rollers will have an impact on the print quality you will achieve. Print deteriorate will result in more print rejects and print downtime. A situation no printer wants.

Training your print operators in the diagnostic of anilox rollers, will provide you with a more productive team and print operation.

Print Tech Solutions will support you in the training of your print operators, to gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand the importance of regular care and correct cleaning of your anilox rollers.

Providing your team with correct skills and tools, will enable them to routinely monitor and inspect anilox rollers to prevent the decline in print quality. Building expertise amongst your team will instil a proactive mindset to identify print issues quickly and adhere to maintenance procedures.

To take control of maintaining your anilox rollers, we use and recommend CellScope and CellStore anilox inspection devices.

CellScope™ System

Our CellScope™ System provides a fast and accurate method of inspecting your rollers on-site. Regular use provides an early warning system for anilox roller damage and wear. It enables you to accurately measure cell depth, screen count, cell wear and cell contamination.

With smart phone compatibility, you can share photos of anilox roller condition for a quicker diagnosis. It is easy to use and with the magnetic base, it allows the cylinders to be inspected at 90° so there is no need to remove rollers from the press.

Find out more about CellScope™ System here

CellStore™ System

Our CellStore™ System utilises sophisticated microscope technology and digital imaging to monitor the condition of Anilox rollers throughout their lifespan. Driven by its own software package, CellStore™ captures and stores images within the device, enabling you to calculate screen counts, depth and volume; measure and record full cell geometry; and record, track and compare Anilox cell condition.

Find out more about CellStore™ System here

Investing in an anilox inspection device will provide you with the necessary information to monitor wear and tear and take the required action as needed to maintain your anilox rollers and print quality.

If you want to upskill your print operators to understand, monitor and manage the care of your anilox rollers then contact us now to book your on-site training. Alternatively Print Tech Solutions can offer on-site audits to support your maintenance programme.

Contact us today to ensure your anilox rollers and flexo print process is kept in prime condition.