Take Control with CellScope™ and CellStore™

Our CellScope™ and CellStore™ Anilox Inspection Systems provide the perfect toolkits for diagnosing underperforming Anilox rollers, allowing you to regularly inspect and monitor their condition to prevent poor quality print.

CellScope™ System

Our CellScope™ System provides a fast and accurate method of inspecting your rollers on-site. Providing an early warning system for Anilox roller damage, CellScope™ enables you to accurately measure cell depth, screen count, cell wear and cell contamination.

With smart phone compatibility, you can share photos of roller condition for a quicker diagnosis. CellScope™ is easy to use – the magnetic base allows cylinders to be inspected at 90° so there is no need to remove them from the press.

CellScope™ features include:

  • Smart phone compatibility.
  • 1μm resolution digital indicator for depth measurement.
  • Eyepiece graticule for direct visual cell checks.
  • Manufactured using hardened plastic to reduce weight and limit possible damage to Anilox cells.
  • Various objective lenses available – X3, X4, X10, X20, X40.
  • Option to upgrade the system to utilise various software packages.
  • Durable carry case provided for the system.

 Optional upgrades for CellScope™ allow you to:

  • Capture images from the press for file sharing and further analysis.
  • Measure cell widths, wall widths and screens at the press with CellScope™ software.
  • Store images and measurements to provide in house control of all your ceramic cylinders.

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CellStore™ System

Our CellStore™ System utilises sophisticated microscope technology and digital imaging to monitor the condition of Anilox rollers throughout their lifespan. Driven by its own software package, CellStore™ captures and stores images within the device, enabling you to calculate screen counts, depth and volume; measure and record full cell geometry; and record, track and compare Anilox cell condition.

Our CellStore™ system includes:

  • CellScope-Pro Microscope
  • Magnetic Feet
  • X-Axis Adjustment
  • Course and Fine Focus
  • High Resolution Depth Gauge
  • LED Illumination
  • 20X Eyepiece
  • 5X, 10X, 20X & 40X Lenses
  • Full Colour Digital Camera
  • 14” HP Laptop Pro Book 440
  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • CellStore™ Software Package

 CellStore™ offers the following benefits:

  • Hi-resolution full colour images at magnifications ranging from 450X to 1800X.
  • Coarse and fine focus combined with an X-axis stage allows cell features to be located quickly and easily, ready for measurement.
  • 1 micron resolution measurement in X, Y, Z axis provided by the CellStore™ measurement suite can ensure the highest level of accuracy for surface and depth measurement.
  • Non-slip magnetic feet provide stability, leaving the operator free to control both microscope and software simultaneously.

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Help maintain superior Anilox Performance

To help maintain superior Anilox performance, we recommend the use of our smart® cleaning solutions. smart®AQUASOL is our best selling general press cleaner for Anilox rollers, ink chambers, pumps, trays and filters. This solution is ideal for removing water based inks. smart® CELLGEL breaks down ink deposits and removes surface stains when applied directly to the Anilox surface. It is ideal for removing water based, solvent and UV inks. smart® REVIVE rejuvenates Anilox cells and removes plugged contamination, and is ideal for removing water based inks.

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