Duratint™ Sleeves

Durable Sleeves for Premium Quality

Our multi-purpose Duratint™ Rubber Sleeves are suitable for use with UV, Water and Solvent based inks and varnishes.

Manufactured using a unique rubber compound, the name Duratint™ reflects the durability and adaptability of our rubber sleeves.

The unique formulation of our Duratint™ sleeves allows one sleeve to be used for a range of applications, providing versatility and cost savings. The distinctive orange colour of this compound stands out against other similar products, but the real difference can be seen in the actual print performance.

Benefits of Duratint™ Sleeves:

  • Durable – Outperforms other compounds in longevity and resistance to ‘tracking lines’.
  • Adaptable – One sleeve suits all applications including inks, primers, adhesives and varnishes.
  • No Joins – Duratint™ sleeves eliminate the problem of plate edge lift, saving wasted material.
  • Off the Shelf – We offer standard size sleeves of 18″ x 3″ i/d x 3.5″ o/d.
  • Superior Laydown – Duratint™ compound is formulated to give greatly improved laydown of varnishes and coatings.
Duratint™ Sleeves
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