Doctor Blades

Helping You Take Control of Your Print Quality

Working in conjunction with the precision engineered anilox roller is the doctor blade that assist in the delivery of the precise, metered amount and consistent flow of ink to the printing plate.

Print Tech Solutions supply a range of premium quality doctor blades that are durable and hard wearing, but don’t cause damage to the anilox roller cells.

Our current range of doctor blades are Steel, Polyester or Gold long-life blades. Heat treated for extra durability, our Gold doctor blade will last up to 6 times longer than standard carbon steel blade, reducing press downtime.

Our Steel blades are manufactured from premium steel materials and do not include the impurities and inclusions of inferior steel materials that will cause damage to anilox cells.

Working to tight tolerances, our doctor blades will ensure that your print process will receive consistent ink delivery from one edge of the anilox roller to the other. Our precision ground range of edge profiles will ensure that you will always have the right tool for the job. We have a comprehensive range of doctor blades, in varying materials and sizes allowing us to respond to your requirements swiftly.

It is crucial that you use the right doctor blades and they are fitted correctly within the ink chamber. Using the wrong or badly fitted doctor blades will result in incorrect ink transfer, which will lead to colour inconsistency and other print defects along with unnecessary wear and tear of your doctor blades.

Bevel Profile on Doctor Blade

Round Profile on Doctor Blade

Lameller Profile on Doctor Blade

Square Profile on Doctor Blade

The ‘Kiss’ concept

  • The ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ is to emphasise the pressure that needs to be exerted to ensure the correct contact between the doctor blade and anilox roller.
  • The bare minimum pressure is required between the doctor blade, anilox roller and chamber end seals.
  • Correctly fitted doctor blades will prevent premature blade and anilox wear and ensure the correct ink coverage.

To achieve the ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ you will need:

  • Perfect fitting chamber end seals.
  • Good quality, precision ground doctor blades
  • Well maintained and constructed doctor blade chambers
  • Correctly fitted doctor blades (orientation of blades)

Helping you to maintain consistent high-quality print.

With Print Tech Solutions contracted agreement service, we will regularly visit your site to undertake a site assessment of your anilox rollers and core components, including doctor blades. We will schedule anilox audits as needed, to suit your print projects and operations.

Our scheduled audit will check that doctor blades are correctly aligned to the anilox roll and the edges are undamaged, to ensure flow of ink is consistent to continue to provide high-level print quality and reduce production downtime.

Our Doctor Blades are:

  • Manufactured from premium quality Scandinavian Steel.
  • Precision ground to ensure accurate profiles and minimum width deviation.
  • Provided as ‘pre-cut’ to avoid waste and reduce blade change times.
  • Available in ‘long life’ carbon steel material – extending blade life up to 5 times.

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Maintaining the condition of your anilox rollers will keepyour press running efficiently and reduce print rejects,saving you time and money.

Print Tech Solutions will provide the technical support and guidance to meet your print quality objectives.