Doctor Blades & Chamber End Seals

Precision Doctor Blades for Superior Print

Our Doctor Blades stand out from the crowd – they are made from quality materials with precision machining for superior print results.

We currently supply Steel Blades, Polyester Blades and Gold long-life Blades. Heat treated for extra durability, our gold doctor blades will last up to 6 times longer than standard carbon steel blade material, thus reducing press downtime. Our Steel blade materials do not include the impurities and inclusions of inferior steel materials, and will not cause damage to Anilox cells.

Working to tight tolerances, we can ensure that our customers will receive consistent doctoring from one edge of the Anilox roller to the other. Our precision ground range of edge profiles will ensure that customers will always have the right tool for the job. We also carry a comprehensive stock of material sizes allowing us to deliver customer orders very quickly.

Good quality doctor blade showing worn edge
Poor quality doctor blade showing worn edge
Polyester doctor blade
Steel doctor blade
Gold doctor blade

Edge Profiles

Lameller Profile on doctor blade
Lameller Profile on doctor blade
Bevel Profile on Doctor Blade
Bevel Profile on Doctor Blade
Square Profile on doctor blade
Square Profile on doctor blade
Round Profile on doctor blade
Round Profile on doctor blade

Chamber End Seals

 Intelligent Chamber Seals for a Perfect Fit.

 During manufacturing, our Chamber End Seals are impregnated with a unique sealing compound – this allows the ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ to be applied and avoids the need for excessive pressure settings.

Our compound also acts as a very efficient lubricant between the Anilox roller and Seal face which prevents ‘drag’ on the Anilox drive.

What Is The ‘Kiss Contact Principle’?

  • The ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ allows you to use the bare minimum pressure between the Doctor Blade, Anilox Roller and Chamber End Seal.
  • This helps prevent premature Blade and Anilox wear.
  • To achieve the ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ you will need:

– Perfect fitting Chamber End Seals.
– Good quality, precision ground Doctor Blades.
– Well maintained and constructed Doctor Blade Chambers.

Benefits of Chamber End Seals

  • Significantly less Blade and Seal changes during print runs.
  • Less ink leakage and dripping – reduced clean-up times and waste.
  • Reduced print pressures and wear on Anilox rollers and Doctor Blades.
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