Dilution Management Systems

Dilution Management Systems are proving a cost-effective solution to support the flexographic print industry with consistency of print quality and high levels of productivity, which are vital in the premium print industry.

Why use Dilution Management Systems

Cleaning solutions are only fully effective when diluted to specific concentrations. If cleaning solutions are supplied in bulk containers and dosed manually by operators, the margin for error is high. Many ignore the correct proportions and just add more solution to ensure it is strong enough to work, which is an unnecessary cost to your business.

Dilution Management Systems completely eliminates guesswork, ensuring that cleaning solutions are dosed correctly and efficiently. This ensures cleaning solutions are not wasted or used excessively, saving your business money.

The benefits of installing a Dilution Management System, will provide your business with numerous benefits, in time, resource and money.

Benefits of Automated Dilution

  • Cost savings – correct dosage of cleaning solutions dispensed with no wastage.
  • Space saving – centralised dispensing systems mean that barrels are not required press side and larger IBCs can be used.
  • Print quality – effective cleaning of printing presses at correct doses will help maintain consistent print quality.
  • Increased productivity – less time is wasted on manually mixing solutions or changing barrels.
  • Consistent usage – ability to monitor and forecast usage and spend, which also reduces the risk of running out.
  • Return on investment – the system will quickly pay for itself with savings made from accurate dilution.
  • Safety in the workplace – reduced risk of spillages with an automated system.
  • Environmental benefits – only correctly diluted solutions are entering the waste stream.


Simple Dilution Unit

• Simple action
• No electrics or pneumatics
• Easy to fit
• Built-in ‘anti-backflow’
• Potential for huge cost savings


Central Dispensing System

• Central product storage
• Tap or hose feed to each press
• Consistent delivery of product to all presses
• Space-saving – no barrels required press side; less barrels required in storage
• Easy operator access
• Potential for huge cost savings


Dispensing Station

• Safe and controlled dispensing of solutions at correct dilutions
• Dispensing valves which deliver accurate measures of diluted solutions
• Dual product dispensing options
• Time savings for operators and cost savings achieved


Automated Dispensing System

• Bespoke fully integrated automatic dispensing system
• Cleaning products automatically introduced to the existing machine wash cycles

Protecting the quality of your anilox rollers to deliver consistent high-quality print

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