Corrugated Board

Corrugated Board Industry – Supporting your Flexographic Print

We have always strived to provide the best advanced premium cleaning solutions for corrugated board flexographic print, to enable you to maintain the high-level print that is required in this competitive and demanding market.

We pride ourselves on not simply being your supplier, but an extension of your operational print team. Our in-house expertise enables us to offer the cleaning solutions and technical support to deliver consistent high-quality print and productivity.

Through continuous development of our cleaning solutions, specifically formulated for flexographic print, we work with you to understand your changing needs, including environmental and carbon neutral targets to provide safe, effective cleaning solutions.

By working as an extension to your operational team, you can focus on what you do best, leaving us through our technical support package, to manage the continuous review, care and maintenance of your anilox rollers.

Our regular site assessments and scheduled anilox audits will ensure your anilox rollers are retained in top condition to deliver consistent high-quality print for your business.

In conjunction with our technical support, we will empower your operators with on-going training to build their knowledge of ‘best practice’ care for your anilox rollers and flexographic print process. Having the ability to quickly identify anilox roller deterioration and print issues will result in swift action to rectify any problems.

Improved and regular care and maintenance of your anilox rollers and flexographic print process will deliver consistent high-level print, saving you time, resource and money with reduced print re-runs and unscheduled downtime.

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Maintaining the condition of your anilox rollers will keep your press running efficiently and reduce print rejects, saving you time and money.

Print Tech Solutions will provide the technical support and guidance to meet your print quality objectives.