Choose your anilox rollers with care

In the flexographic printing process, the anilox roller is a critical component. To ensure the right anilox roller is chosen to meet your specific print requirements and level of print quality required, there are several variables that need to be understood and considered.

Anilox rollers are generally steel or aluminium cylinders that are coated with a ceramic surface. This ceramic coating house the cells. These cells are laser engraved into the anilox roller’s ceramic surface and are crucial in the function of the anilox rollers.

The cells differ in design. They vary in shape, width, depth and formation across the face of the anilox. The cell design will have an impact in the way the ink flows through and is transferred to the printing plate.

Print Tech Solutions have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the specification of anilox rollers. We can guide and support you in choosing the best anilox cell design for your print requirements.

Typical anilox rollers include:

nano™ and standard 60°. These are both suitable for the flexographic corrugated board printing that demand fine detailing and solid colour print.

The nano cell geometry allows for greater movement of ink within the cells. It delivers enough ink to cover low grade board, whilst still maintaining sharpness of ink delivery to cope with vignettes, tone work and fine reversed out text.

nano™ offers many benefits which, combined, offer significant cost savings and increased productivity for printers.

Our expertise and support stems from over 30 years of experience. We will guide and advise you on the varying anilox specifications and what to consider when investing in anilox rollers.

Once you have invested in the right anilox rollers, we are on-hand to guide you on the necessary care and maintenance. Our on-site technical inspection audits will evaluate cell status. We will monitor and record anilox and cell condition, and report our findings to ensure they are performing as required. Establishing that they are undamaged and clean will ensure your anilox rollers remain in top condition.

By introducing best practice maintenance and cleaning regimes, your anilox rollers will deliver the high-quality print and productivity that your business consistently needs to achieve.

For many of our customers we work as their extended team providing care and technical support to keep consistent high-quality print and productivity. For more information on the support we can offer your flexographic print Contact us now.