Intelligent Chamber Seals for a Perfect Fit

Chamber End Seals are vital for the effective running of Doctor Blade Chambers. Our Chamber End Seals offer a perfect fit and superior performance compared to normal foam or plastic seals


During manufacturing, our Chamber End Seals are impregnated with a unique sealing compound – this allows the ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ to be applied and avoids the need for excessive pressure settings.

Our compound also acts as a very efficient lubricant between the Anilox roller and Seal face which prevents ‘drag’ on the Anilox drive.

What Is The ‘Kiss Contact Principle’?

  • The ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ allows you to use the bare minimum pressure between the Doctor Blade, Anilox Roller and Chamber End Seal.
  • This helps prevent premature Blade and Anilox wear.
  • To achieve the ‘Kiss Contact Principle’ you will need:
  • Perfect fitting Chamber End Seals.
  • Good quality, precision ground Doctor Blades.
  • Well maintained and constructed Doctor Blade Chambers.

Benefits of Chamber End Seals

  • Significantly less Blade and Seal changes during print runs.
  • Less ink leakage and dripping – reduced clean-up times and waste.
  • Reduced print pressures and wear on Anilox rollers and Doctor Blades.
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