Take Full Control of Your Anilox Inventory 

CellStore™ provides a host of useful tools to facilitate the inspection and control of Ceramic Anilox cylinders.

Our CellStore™ System Enables You To:

  • Calculate Screen Counts, Depth & Volume
  • Measure and Record Full Cell Geometry
  • Record, Track and Compare Anilox Cell Condition
  • Educate and Involve Printers

Benefits of CellStore™ are:

Utilising sophisticated microscope technology and digital imaging, CellStore can produce hi-resolution full colour images at magnifications ranging from 450X to 1800X.

Coarse and fine focus combined with an X-axis stage allows cell features to be located quickly and easily, ready for measurement. Non-slip magnetic feet provide stability, leaving the operator free to control both microscope and software simultaneously.

1 micron resolution measurement in X, Y, Z axis provided by the CellStore measurement suite can ensure the highest level of accuracy for surface and depth measurement.

Our CellStore™ System Kit Includes:

  • CellScope-Pro Microscope
  • Magnetic Feet
  • X-Axis Adjustment
  • Course and Fine Focus
  • High Resolution Depth Gauge
  • LED Illumination
  • 20X Eyepiece
  • 5X, 10X, 20X & 40X Lenses
  • Full Colour Digital Camera
  • 14” HP Laptop Pro Book 440
  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • CellStore™ Software Package

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