In the fast-paced world of flexographic printing, clogged and contaminated anilox rollers can mean disaster. Ink transfer suffers, print quality plummets, and production interrupted due to print rejects. Maintaining anilox rollers in top condition is critical in supporting consistent high-quality print.

Too often the gradual build-up of ink, dirt and varnish in the delicate cells of the anilox rollers only start to become apparent as print defects are experienced. The recommendation of cleaning anilox rollers after each print run or daily is to maintain them in top condition.

Maintaining the correct care

We know that with the pressures of print production schedules and in many cases the change of print operators which often result in the loss of knowledge and expertise, can have a negative effect. The correct anilox care and maintenance can be pushed back or incorrectly undertaken.

Lack of awareness and understanding of the intricates of the anilox roller and necessity for frequent cleaning, too often leads to anilox rollers becoming neglected.

That’s where Print Tech Solutions’ CellGel emerges as a knight in shining armour. It offers a powerful yet safe deep clean to recover those neglected anilox rollers.

CellGel – Rescuing Neglected Anilox Rollers

CellGel is a targeted solution engineered to tackle the toughest anilox challenges. Its unique formulation dissolves and removes stubborn ink deposits and varnish, restoring cell volume and ensuring optimal ink metering. But the magic doesn’t stop there. CellGel is gentle on anilox roller surfaces, without harsh chemicals and abrasives to avoid damaging the delicate engravings.

For direct cleaning of anilox cells, CellGel is our best-selling solution. Developed specifically to remove ink deposits from anilox cells, it should be applied directly to the surface of a dry roller.

CellGel is perfect for a quick intense clean or it can be used as an extremely effective ultrasonic pre-treatment.

So, how does regular maintenance fit into this picture?

While CellGel is a champion at tackling those extreme cases, prevention is always the best cure and the route we endorse.

Think of it like flossing: consistent and correct daily cleaning with the right tools, techniques and knowledge will keep your anilox rollers in tip-top condition. The correct care will minimise contamination build up, which leads to print issues and will reduce the need for heavy-duty interventions.

Here’s why regular cleaning matters:

  • Clogged cells: Ink buildup reduces ink volume, leading to uneven ink transfer and inconsistent print quality.
  • Ghosting: Dried ink residue causes “ghost” images, impacting print accuracy and aesthetic appeal.
  • Reduced press speeds: Clogged rollers slow down production, impacting efficiency and profitability.
  • Increased waste: Poor ink transfer leads to inaccurate registration and colour variations, resulting in wasted materials and reprints.

The good news? Having the correct and thorough maintenance and cleaning routine in place will save your business time, resource and money.

A cleaning plan doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, with the correct cleaning solutions, equipment and knowledge a robust plan can be developed to suit your print requirements and production schedule.

Prevention is better than cure

Remember, preventing contamination is far easier and more cost effective for your business than reacting to print issues or resurrecting a neglected roller.

By incorporating daily cleaning into your printing workflow, you can:

    • Maintain optimal print quality: Consistent ink transfer guarantees sharp, vibrant prints that meet your brand standards.
    • Maximise press uptime: Clean rollers keep production flowing smoothly, minimising downtime and production delays.
    • Reduce waste and save costs: Avoiding reprints due to poor ink transfer saves ink, paper, and valuable time.
    • Prolong anilox roller life: Regular cleaning prevents wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your valuable anilox rollers.

CellGel remains a powerful support in your cleaning arsenal, ready to tackle extreme contamination when needed. But by making daily cleaning a habit, you can minimise the need for its heroic interventions and keep your anilox rollers performing at their best.

Some of the benefits of CellGel

    • Powerful and safe cleaning solution for those neglected anilox rollers
    • Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive
    • REACH Compliant
    • Manufactured with a blend of citrus terpenes, derived from lemons
    • Suitable for removal of most inks, varnishes and coatings

We offer a range of cleaning solutions, all specifically formulated for the flexographic print process. The good news is, if you have the correct maintenance and care plan in place and use our daily cleaning solutions, such as AquaSol, you won’t need to use our intense cleaning solution CellGel!

Invest in your anilox rollers – they’re the heart of your printing operation. With a combination of preventive care, regular anilox roller audits and training your print operators, you can ensure the high-quality printing you demand will be consistent for every print run.