CartonSTAR Inline Inspection System

Designed to Improve Print Quality in the Corrugated Market

CartonSTAR is an inline print inspection system which provides 100% quality and process control. Optimised for the post-print production of direct corrugated cardboard, CartonSTAR offers you complete inspection of printing products at full production speed.

Quality & Consistency

Never before has there been as much emphasis on quality and consistency of printed corrugated board. Due to these increasing demands, suppliers of state-of-the-art packaging solutions need to provide precisely documented quality. With inspection during the printing process, the printer can depend on continuous, automatic visibility of the printed image and material quality. Using inspection systems significantly reduces the necessity for manual quality checks by dramatically reducing waste. Other benefits include the reduction of costly reprinting and the ability to run the press at higher speeds for improved productivity.

Boost Productivity & Reduce Costs

CartonSTAR will offer a rapid return on investment, often in less than a year, by reducing waste and customer rejection. This in turn will help to boost your print productivity and reduce costs of press operation.

How CartonSTAR works

CartonSTAR will accurately detect all print defects, monitor colour fidelity, and ensure the register accuracy. The print inspection system detects repeating and non-repeating defects. Due to defined defect attributes, defective boards can be rejected immediately after the printing process.

The system features enhanced functionality to compensate for typical substrate structures ensuring a reliable real-time detection of relevant defects, therefore reducing waste.

A precise classifier tool can separate relevant from non-relevant defects, which enables you to comply with individual customer requirements. It supports the automatic removal of defective sheets to guarantee a consistently high quality of delivery. Furthermore, the system generates a complete and comprehensive job report showing the entire set of events, diagrams and defect galleries protecting the user from any unjustified claim.

Product Features

  • CartonSTAR’s “Open Architecture” allows full flexibility when specifying detection capabilities, such as resolution, colour etc.
  • The system can be customised to unique printing applications, such as holographics.
  • High form-fit factor with high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market.
  • High efficiency and long life LED illumination for years of maintenance free service.
  • Automatic ejection of defective boards.