Anilox rollers are an integral element of the flexographic print process. Undertaking regular audits and cleaning programme is critical to protect the precision engineered ceramic surface and cells of the anilox roller to consistently produce high quality print and productivity.

Supporting the Corrugated Board Flexographic Print

Our technical support provides regular on-site assessments and scheduled anilox audits to review and monitor the condition of your anilox rollers. The findings will illustrate any print issues, to help you optimise your print performance.

Over the years, we’ve helped many customers achieve cost savings, production efficiencies and high-quality print results through our site assessments and scheduled audit plans.

Our technical auditor will inspect your anilox rollers with a digital microscope, to assess and identify damage, wear-and-tear, and blocked and dirty cells.

Following a site assessment or anilox audit, we will discuss our findings with you.
After a scheduled anilox audit we will quickly follow-up and submit an audit report detailing our findings and recommendations and actions to be taken, to help you maintain optimum print quality and productivity.

We’ll audit, review and discuss findings that include:

  • Condition of your anilox rollers
  • Identifying other print process issues
  • Detail immediate actions to take
  • Screen specifications
  • Dispensing methods for cleaning products
  • Doctor blade condition
  • Plate cleaning
  • Appropriate cleaning schedule to maintain print quality
  • Training to assist your operators
  • Cleaning solutions usage

We want to ensure your print production achieves high productivity and consistent print quality. We can support with regular site inspection and anilox audits, but we will also support your team through training to upskill and provide confidence and knowledge to your operators.

Pro-actively identifying print issues and correct care for your anilox rollers, will provide huge benefits to your business.

Correctly maintained and cared for anilox rollers will maximise production efficiencies, ensure print quality and reduce unscheduled print production downtime.

If you would like to check the condition of your anilox rollers or discuss your flexographic print issues, contact us now and book your site assessment.

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