Automated plate cleaners can easily pay for themselves and even contribute to your profitability.

Here’s how:

Many of our customers are already using automated plate cleaning systems, and the ones that are not are seriously considering the financial benefits of doing so.

The main benefits to consider when looking at the cost effectiveness of this investment are as follows;

    • Speed of cleaning/rinsing/drying your dirty plates
    • Reduced man-hours due to automated process
    • Gentler cleaning action leading to better life from your plates
    • Less damages due to removing ‘the human factor’
    • Eliminate the risk of cleaning the plates with unsuitable cleaning chemicals/brushes

We can offer a range of cleaning solutions, with PolySol specifically formulated for the care of your plate cleaning requirements.

Whether your industry is Corrugated, Narrow Web or Flexible Packaging, we will have the answer to your plate cleaning process.

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