Are you causing unseen damage to your valuable printing equipment?

Is your ‘bargain cleaning solution’ costing you more than you think?

These are questions that any printer or company owner should be asking themselves…

The main purpose of a print cleaning solution is to remove the ink, varnish or coating from parts of the press in readiness for the next print run. Whilst there are only 3 main types of ink used extensively in the Flexo print industry (UV, Solvent and Water based) there are literally thousands of products on the market that will do this fundamental task. Unfortunately products from other industries make their way into our print sector, sometimes with devastating consequences.

Whilst a product may be first class at removing paint from spray booths, grease from engine blocks and graffiti from walls, they are normally unsuitable for use in the printing industry. There are many considerations that are often overlooked, for example many people do not realise that laser engraved ceramic Anilox rollers have a sealant impregnated into the ceramic coating prior to engraving. If exposed to unsuitable cleaning products this sealant can quite easily be removed leaving the roller base wide open to base metal corrosion and ceramic blistering or delamination.

Another common problem that we encounter is corrosion of Aluminium ink chambers. We often see chambers that are so badly corroded due to use of unsuitable cleaning solutions that they are bent, warped and even swollen to the extent that they make contact with the Anilox face – a very costly problem!

In recent years we have also seen serious internal corrosion of ink pumps leading to parts of the unit snapping off! This type of problem will remain completely undetected until it is too late.

By only using our specially formulated smart® AQUASOL product you will avoid costly damage to your printing equipment. For further information on smart® AQUASOL click here.