What we love about our customers, is their continual support to help us understand their challenges, so we can evolve and develop our cleaning solutions to meet their future requirements.

One of the challenges facing our customers, which is typical for many businesses now, is the need to review their environment impact and incorporate sustainability into their business plan.

Print Tech Solutions evaluated what and how we could make a difference and support our customers in meeting their target, in particular their carbon-neutral goals.

The solution we drew upon was formulating a concentrate of our best-selling cleaning solution AquaSol, to provide costs savings and sustainability benefits.

From our development programme, AquaSolx4 was created. AquaSolx4 still offers the same benefits as AquaSol, delivering excellence in print quality.

    • Specifically formulated for flexographic print.
    • Developed to care and clean anilox rollers.
      • It can also be safely used on rubber rollers, polymer plates and doctor blade chambers, to maintain those critical components.
    • Non-caustic and non-aggressive.
    • Guaranteed not to cause damage to anilox rollers, rubber rollers, print plates, pumps and chambers.
    • ‘REACH’ compliant.
    • Safely removes water and UV based inks and coatings.
    • Formulated to correctly care for your anilox rollers, and core components to maintain high quality print.
    • Available in 1000L IBC’s.
    • Aluminium and alloy safe – protects metallic components through use of corrosion inhibitors.
    • Specially formulated to provide consistent high-quality print and reduce production downtime, to protect your profitability.
    • Developed to support your sustainability goals.

However, as AquaSolx4 is a concentrate it is diluted 2.5% to water, four times less than AquaSol. This provides significant savings and benefits for you.


Will assist your sustainability goals by:

    • Reducing your IBC usage, by 75%.
      • Resulting in fewer IBC’s used and disposal of, providing you with cost savings and reducing CO2 emissions.
    • Reduction in deliveries, by 75%.
      • With less deliveries, less costs providing reduction in CO2 emissions.
    • Reduction in manhours, by 75%.
      • Less IBC’s to handle and move around your site, from goods-in to disposal.
    • Reduction in admin, by 75%.
      • Using the concentrate – AquaSolx4, will mean less orders to raise, invoices and payment advice. Saving you resource time.

Using the concentrate of AquaSolx4, you no longer need to handle and manage four AquaSol containers, you just need one AquaSolx4.






The benefits of AquaSolx4 will support your environment and sustainability targets, by reducing wastage, your carbon footprint, along with in house material handling and administration resources.

Print Tech Solutions have spent over 20 years developing our cleaning solutions. They are specially formulated for the flexographic print process, with a specific focus on anilox rollers, to ensure the safe care and cleaning, to enable you to consistently deliver high quality print.

If you would like to understand how you could benefit from AquaSolx4, contact our team now and book your site assessment review.