AquaSol Keeping Your Anilox Rollers in Top Condition

Specifically formulated for anilox rollers in your flexographic print, AquaSol is a safe and effective cleaning solution that (we are pleased to say) has become the preferred solution for many of the UK flexographic printers, especially those in the Corrugated Board sector.

With over 20 years supporting the flexographic print industry, we have constantly evolved and developed our range of cleaning solutions.

To ensure your anilox rollers are kept in top condition, it is essential to use a specialist cleaning solution. Using the correct cleaning solution will avoid damaging the intricate cells of the anilox rollers, and achieve a thorough clean. Dried ink embedded in the cells, won’t be cleaned by water alone.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of print achieved and the condition of your anilox rollers. Well maintained anilox rollers will deliver consistent high-quality print. Implementing the correct care of your anilox rollers will pro-long their life, benefiting you with the unnecessary need of changing these expensive (and critical) components.

Unfortunately, too often we visit sites that are not using the correct cleaning solution, or enforcing the correct care and maintenance of anilox rollers, which has resulted in various print issues.

Dirty and clogged anilox rollers will impact your print quality

Incorrectly maintaining your anilox rollers has huge cost implications for your business, through print rejects, production down-time, unnecessary re-runs of print jobs and wasted materials.

Understanding the correct care and maintenance for your anilox rollers, will pay dividends to your business performance.

We understand the need and pressure to keep your flexographic production running. However, not dedicating the time to properly wash-down your anilox rollers is a false economy to your business.

Our AquaSol cleaning solution has been specially formulated for flexographic printing to safely clean and care for your anilox rollers.

It is suitable for the removal of water and UV based inks and coatings. Used regular, AquaSol will cleaned and maintain your anilox rollers to delivery consistent high-quality print.

AquaSol delivers excellence in print quality:

    • Specifically formulated for flexographic print.
      • AquaSol can be used on anilox rollers, rubber rollers, polymer plates and doctor blade chambers, to maintain all your print process components.
    • Non-caustic and non-aggressive.
    • Guaranteed not to cause damage to anilox rollers, rubber rollers, polymer plates, ink pumps and chambers and doctor blades.
    • ‘REACH’ compliant.
    • Safely removes water and UV based inks and coatings.
    • Formulated to enable you to maintain high quality print and protect your profitability.
    • Available in a range of container sizes, to suit your usage and operational needs.
    • Aluminium and alloy safe – protects metallic components through use of corrosion inhibitors.

Supporting your business deliver consistent high-quality print

We are aware of the changes and demands the print industry are faced with, not least the environmental and carbon footprint challenges. Print Tech Solutions are therefore committed to the continuous evaluation and development of our anilox roller cleaning solutions to support these needs. We will work to support your environmental goals, whilst providing safe and effective cleanings solution that will maintain the correct care of your anilox rollers and other components, in the way you have become accustomed to with our cleaning solutions.

Through on-going developments we are committed to providing innovative solutions to meet your environmental objectives.

AquaSolx4, is our initial development to support our customers’ carbon-neutral objectives.

Our aim is to reduce your print quality issues to save your business money

Through our technical expertise we continue to provide support to your operating team, through our on-site assessments, audits and training programmes.

We will help you monitor the condition of your anilox rollers to reduce print deterioration and enable your print operators to react swiftly and rectify print problems.

Utilising AquaSol as part of your regular care and maintenance plan will support you in maintaining quality and reducing print quality issues and unscheduled downtime.

Our experts are on hand to advise and guide you in the care of anilox rolls. We pride ourselves on supporting you to constantly maintain your print quality and up-skilling your print operators in identifying print issues quickly.

If you want to maintain your flexographic print quality, contact us now to support you in achieving print quality excellence or book an on-site audit assessment or training workshop.


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