Cleaning Solutions – That Do Safely Clean and Care for Your Anilox Rollers

For the Corrugated Board flexographic printing sector, who need to clean anilox rollers on-press, Print Tech Solutions provide a range of cleaning solutions that have been formulated specifically for the Flexographic corrugated print process.

Our premium cleaning solution AquaSol, has been specially developed for use in flexographic print, to safely and effectively use on your anilox rollers.

AquaSol is suitable and recommended to be used as a daily cleaning solution for your anilox rollers, designed to remove water and UV based inks and coatings from all areas of the printing process. It is safe and effective to also use on rubber rollers, polymer plates, ink pumps and doctor blade chambers.

Alternatively, for the flexible packaging, narrow web flexographic print sector, who can quickly and easily remove anilox rollers from the printing press, the fastest and most efficient cleaning method is Ultrasonic cleaning. This method uses a combination of finely tuned ultrasonic soundwaves, specific cleaning solutions and heat to gently remove ink deposits from within anilox cells.

Our specifically formulated cleaning solution UltraSol is a highly reactive formulation designed primarily for use in Ultrasonic tank cleaning systems. Suitable for removing water and UV based inks and coatings. UltraSol’s special blend of surfactants are designed to ‘degas’ quickly ensuring high performance cleaning action for your Ultrasonic system.

Whilst cleaning techniques and products play an essential role in print quality management, knowledge of the flexographic system, especially the anilox rollers is essential. It is vital that printer operators, supervisors and managers are fully aware and understand the function of the anilox roller and the importance of monitoring the condition of them and maintaining anilox rollers correctly.

Print Tech Solutions ethos is to help you in achieving high quality print consistently.

Over two decades of developing cleaning solutions specifically for the flexographic print process, you can be assured of the safe solutions we offer. With our press-side training and regular audits, we provide a pro-active management of your flexographic print process to meet the market demands for consistent premium print.

If you are looking for an effective and safe cleaning solution for your anilox rollers, Print Tech Solutions can support your needs.

We will provide you with safe and effective cleaning solutions and support your print operators with further training to ensure the correct care and maintenance is adopted.

To find our more about our cleaning solutions and technical services, book your on-site press assessment, contact us now.