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Anilox Rollers

We offer a highly technical Anilox roller supply and refurbishment service, complemented by expert knowledge, training and after sales support.

With decades of experience in the specification of Anilox screens, we understand the issues that customers face. We are not just after a quick sale – we will support you through the whole journey. From our initial site visit and technical Anilox meeting, we will advice on the correct spec for your Anilox rollers, then refurbish them or supply new rollers. Our ongoing aftersales support includes;

  • Training of operators in the care of Anilox rollers.
  • Regular inspections and audit reports.
  • A full range of smart® cleaning solutions.
  • Machinery for cleaning rollers.
  • Care products including Anilox jackets, brushes and pads.

Our customers tell us that this holistic approach to maintaining optimum Anilox performance is what really matters to them and makes us stand head and shoulders above our competitors.

Anilox Screen Options

All of Anilox rollers are engraved using the latest fibre optic ultra engraving system, producing the most accurate and repeatable cell volumes available. We can now offer a range of screen formats and specifications to suit all types of inks and coatings


 Recommended for:

  • All types of Corrugated printing
  • Demanding print jobs requiring fine detailing and solid colour

nano™ is our most innovative screen specification, offering a real boost to board printing. Its unique cell geometry allows greater movement of ink within cells, delivering enough ink to cover low grade board yet still maintaining sharpness of ink delivery to cope with vignettes, tone work and fine reversed out text. nano™ offers many benefits which, combined, offer significant cost savings and increased productivity for printers.

Benefits of nano™

  • Ability to introduce higher than normal screen counts – can cope with fine detail and ink coverage
  • Greater versatility – the same anilox roller can be used for various print jobs – less time wasted on changing rollers
  • Greater circulation of ink within the cells – keeps rollers cleaner for longer
  • Significantly better solids – consistent print quality
  • Sharper text and reversed out details
  • Greater resistance to ‘ghosting’ on long print runs
  • Reduced board crush
  • Elimination of the need to ‘skip feed’


 Recommended for:

  • All types of Corrugated printing
  • Demanding print jobs requiring fine detailing and solid colour

Standard 60 Degree is the most extensively used screen specification within the Flexo printing industry, commonly across a wide range of printing and coating applications.

This screen specification is particularly well suited to medium and high end process printing.


Recommended for:

  • UV printing and varnish applications
  • High viscosity/solid content inks

EasyFlo is a popular screen format, which helps to increase ink and varnish laydown at specific screen specifications.

The EasyFlo cell format increases the ease of ink circulation, making this screen format a good choice for printers using high viscosity inks.


Recommended for:

  • High viscosity inks, especially UV
  • Narrow web and some flexible packaging applications

FreeFlo is a channelled 30 degree cell format, delivering a semi-restricted flow of inks and coatings. Suitable for high viscosity inks, especially UV.

This cell format also helps to reduce problems of spitting in high speed print applications.


Recommended for:

  • Viscous and high solid content inks and coatings

CrossFlo is produced using high tech laser beams which remove larger quantities of ceramic to produce a continuous cell in two opposing directions.

Particularly well suited to applying viscous and high solid content inks and coatings, including metallics and reflective inks.


Recommended for:

  • Coating and offset applications

Tri-Helical sceens are formed using a continuous laser beam to produces a single elongated channel across the full surface of the Anilox roller.

The open cell format is particularly well suited for coating and offset applications.

Quality Control & Ease of Identification

Accurate delivery of inks and coatings can only be achieved if the Anilox screen is manufactured accurately and according to a given specification. In order to deliver consistent and accurate results, all of our rollers are inspected and recorded before delivery to our customers. We can also offer roller identification and screen information by laser engraving the details into the bearer bands at each end of the roller face.

Recommended Cleaning Products

Our Best-Selling General Purpose Press Cleaner

smart® AQUASOL is formulated for the removal of most water and UV based inks and coatings. Suitable for cleaning all parts of the printing process such as anilox rollers, rubber rollers, polymer plates, ink pumps and doctor blade chambers.

  • Available in 25L, 200L, 1000L containers
  • Non-caustic, non-corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for removal of water and UV based inks and coatings
  • Versatile, powerful cleaning action
  • Protects metallic components through use of corrosion inhibitors – Aluminium and alloy safe

Our Best-Selling Gel For Direct Cleaning of Anilox Cells

smart® CELLGEL has been developed specifically to remove ink deposits from Anilox cells. It is also extremely effective as an Ultrasonic Pre-Treatment for very dirty rollers, helping to reduce cleaning times.

  • Available in 1L containers
  • Non-caustic, non-corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured with a blend of Citrus Turpines derived from lemons
  • Suitable for removal of most inks, varnishes and coatings
  • Aluminium and alloy safe

An Organic Acidic Based Solution Formulated Specifically For Anilox Cell Rejuvenation

smart® REVIVE is formulated specifically for periodic cleaning of Anilox rollers. This organic, acidic solution effectively removes plugged contamination within Anilox cells. Occasional applications of smart® REVIVE alongside daily use of smart® AQUASOL will optimise Anilox cell condition.

  • Available in 25L, 200, 1000L containers
  • Non Caustic, Does Not Contain Corrosive Mineral Acids
  • Suitable for water based inks
  • Extremely effective Anilox cell rejuvenator

Anilox Care Products

We offer a range of care products which will help to maintain the condition of your Anilox rollers.

Anilox Jackets

Anilox Jackets offer valuable protection for Anilox rollers, helping to prevent damage to rollers when they are in storage.

  • Made from a durable, easy wash material.
  • Made in bespoke sizes to suit all sizes of Anilox roller.
  • Available in a range of colours for easy identification of different screen specifications.
  • A great investment – protecting your rollers will help avoid the costly refurbishment of damaged rollers.

Anilox Brushes & Pads

Our Anilox Brushes and Pads are manufactured specifically for cleaning Anilox rollers, offering:

  • Firm cleaning action without the risk of damaging Anilox cells.
  • Removal of stubborn marks from the engraved surface of the Roller.
  • Unique benefits for the cleaning of different roller types and screen specifications.

Stainless Steel Anilox Brushes

  • Stainless steel bristles.
  • Synthetic polyester block will not swell when soaked and helps to retain bristles.
  • Ideal for cleaning ceramic Anilox rollers.
  • Removes stubborn marks.
  • Tougher, durable bristles for cleaning harder surfaces.
  • Suited to cleaning Anilox rollers with lower screen specs.

Brass Anilox Brushes

  • Brass bristles.
  • Synthetic polyester block will not swell when soaked and helps to retain bristles.
  • Ideal for cleaning of chrome Anilox rollers.
  • Removes stubborn marks.
  • Softer bristles.
  • Suited to cleaning Anilox rollers with lower screen specs.

Anilox Pads

  • Ideal for cleaning both ceramic and chrome Anilox rollers.
  • Finer bristles for gentle but effective cleaning of larger surface areas.
  • Suited to cleaning rollers with mid to high range screen specs.

Anilox Training and Support

Our technical expertise in Anilox technology means that we understand the pressures and issues that printers face. Our proactive and inclusive approach is what makes us stand out from the competition.

We work closely with our customers, helping them fine tune the printing process by advising them on the most suitable screen specification for the job. We also offer regular on-site support and training to ensure that all staff involved in print production and maintenance are fully aware of the vital role that that the Anilox roller plays.

We offer the following to our customers:

  • Tailored, interactive training sessions for operators.
  • Advice on effective maintenance of cell volumes and Anilox condition to avoid damaged rollers.
  • An effective cleaning regime for optimum Anilox performance – our smart™ Cleaning Solutions are specifically developed for the printing industry.

We can also support customers with frequent analysis of Anilox cell condition and audit reports. For customers wanting to take control of their own Anilox monitoring for fast identification of problem rollers, our Cellscope™ technology gives fast and effective results.

Our customers will benefit from:

  • Consistent, high quality print.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Reduced ink usage.
  • Fewer Anilox refurbishments.
PTS conducting an Anilox Audit on site
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