Anilox Rollers

Delivering consistent high-level print, efficiently and effectively is what we strive to do for you.

With a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the flexographic print process, we will advise on the correct specification of your anilox rollers. We will then continue to provide the correct maintenance and support to maintain your anilox rollers in premium condition to deliver high-quality print and efficient productivity.

From our initial site visit, to understand your print objectives, we offer continued support from regular on-site assessments, scheduled anilox audits, submittance of audit reports with findings and recommendations, to providing operator training to ensure print quality isn’t compromised.

Print Tech Solutions work as an extension of your print team operations.

  • We will advise you on anilox care and print deterioration prevention.
  • We will help grow your operator’s knowledge to enable them to provide the correct care and maintenance of your anilox rollers.
  • We will support you resolve issues within the flexo print process that will have a detriment effect on your print quality.

Supporting you with:

  • Regular site assessments to ensure your anilox rollers remain in top condition
  • Regular scheduled audit inspections of your anilox rollers
  • Swift delivery of detailed audit reports, with findings and recommendations
  • Training of operators in the care of anilox rollers
  • Dilution management system for efficient use of our cleaning solutions
  • A full range of safe and effective cleaning solutions, specifically formulated for flexo print

We know that this holistic approach to maintaining optimum anilox roller performance is what really matters to our customers. Working as an extension to your print operation team provides you with consistent technical support when you need it.

Anilox Screen Options
Anilox rollers come with a variety of cell configurations. The evolvement of cell design is to continually improve the flow and consistency of ink placement. With so many configurations available it can be difficult to decipher.

All anilox rollers are engraved using the latest fibre optic ultra engraving system, producing the most accurate and repeatable cell volumes available. We can now offer a range of screen formats and specifications to suit all types of inks and coatings, with the most popular being Nano™ and Standard 60°


Suitable for:
• Majority of flexographic print applications, with the exception of high screen process and tonal work.

nano™ is our most innovative screen specification, offering a real boost to board printing. Its unique cell geometry allows greater movement of ink within cells, delivering enough ink to cover low grade board yet still maintaining sharpness of ink delivery to cope with vignettes, tone work and fine reversed out text. nano™ offers many benefits which, combined, offer significant cost savings and increased productivity for printers.

Benefits of nano™

  • Ability to introduce higher than normal screen counts – can cope with fine detail and ink coverage
  • Greater versatility – the same anilox roller can be used for various print jobs – less time wasted on changing rollers
  • Greater circulation of ink within the cells – keeps rollers cleaner for longer
  • Significantly better solids – consistent print quality
  • Sharper text and reversed out details
  • Greater resistance to ‘ghosting’ on long print runs
  • Reduced board crush
  • Elimination of the need to ‘skip feed’

Standard 60°

Suitable for:

• All types of flexographic print applications, especially 4-colour process and fine tine work.

Standard 60 Degree is the most extensively used screen specification within the flexographic printing industry, commonly used across a wide range of printing and coating applications.

This screen specification is particularly well suited to medium and high-end process printing.

Quality Control & Ease of Identification

Accurate delivery of inks and coatings can only be achieved if the anilox screen is manufactured accurately and according to a given specification. To deliver consistent and accurate results, all our anilox rollers are inspected and recorded before delivery to our customers. We can also offer anilox roller identification and screen information by laser engraving the details into the bearer bands at each end of the roller face.

To discuss your anilox roller requirements and maintenance schedule, contact us and book your site assessment.

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Maintaining the condition of your anilox rollers will keep your press running efficiently and reduce print rejects, saving you time and money.

Whether you need help choosing the correct anilox roller or you need to discuss ‘best practice’ care for you anilox rollers, our team are here to help you. Contact us now.