Polished to Perfection

Our Anilox rollers are engraved using the latest fibre optic technology, producing the most accurate and repeatable cell structures available. Diamond polished to exacting standards, our rollers are volume checked using three individual systems for accuracy and repeatability.

We have a solid reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Anilox rollers and sleeves. We are not just after a quick sale – we will guide you through the whole Anilox journey, offering a highly technical Anilox roller supply and refurbishment service, complemented by expert knowledge, training and after sales support.

For further information on our technical Anilox service, click here.

Our most innovative screen spec offers a real boost to printers.

nano™ has a unique cell geometry which allows greater movement of ink within cells. Versatile enough to cope with fine detail and ink coverage, nano™ offers many benefits:

  • Flexible Packaging – Unique cell geometry allows cells to recharge efficiently, even at high speeds.
  • Corrugated – Through improved ink flow, nano™ rollers stay cleaner for much longer – ideal for water based inks.
  • Narrow Web – Significantly higher screen counts help to promote print definition – perfect for all UV inks.

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Maintain Superior Anilox Performance with our smart® Cleaning Solutions

As part of our smart™ range we have 3 cleaning solutions which will help you maintain superior performance of Anilox rollers:

Our best selling general press cleaner. smart® AQUASOL is ideal for cleaning Anilox rollers, ink chambers, pumps, trays and filters. Perfect for water based inks.

Applied directly to your Anilox surface, smart® CELLGEL will break down ink deposits and remove surface stains. Perfect for water based, solvent and UV inks.

smart® REVIVE rejuvenates Anilox cells and removes plugged contamination from Anilox rollers. Perfect for water based inks.

To read more about the features and benefits of our smart® Cleaning Solutions click here.

Cellscope™ – Take control of your Anilox Rollers

Cellscope™ provides the perfect tool for diagnosing an underperforming Anilox roller.

Using this easy inspection kit to regularly monitor and inspect your rollers for dirt or damage, you can prevent poor quality print. Now Cellscope™ has been adapted to utilise existing smart phone technology:

  • Capture full colour live images of cells.
  • Send images via WiFi/Bluetooth to your PC.
  • Share and store images to monitor Anilox cell conditions before and after cleaning.

To find out how Cellscope™ can help you take control of your Anilox rollers, click here.