Anilox Maintenance Boost

The Importance of Maintaining Clean Anilox Rollers

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been unable to provide our usual level of face to face support and technical advice to our customers. We know that many of our customer’s sites are busier than ever and priorities have been focused on production levels and staffing issues. In many cases Anilox maintenance and cleaning has suffered. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining clean Anilox rollers! The good news is that recovering full Anilox cell volumes can be achieved quickly and easily by implementing an Anilox Recovery Process.

What happens when Anilox rollers are not maintained:

  • Anilox cell contamination can build up gradually, resulting in a reduction of cell volumes.

  • Reduced Anilox cell volumes means reduced ink laydown.

  • Reduced ink laydown means variation in colour management.

  • As a result, customers can waste a significant amount of time trying to resolve colour management issues.

We Can Help

To maintain optimum Anilox performance, we strongly recommend the following cleaning solutions which have been developed specifically for cleaning Anilox rollers.       


smart® REVIVE is formulated specifically for periodic cleaning of Anilox rollers and effectively removes plugged contamination within Anilox cells. Our customers have seen huge improvements in cell volumes after cleaning with smart® REVIVE. Using diluted smart® REVIVE periodically will allow you to press the reset button and give your Anilox rollers a much needed boost in performance.


smart® CELLGEL is our best-selling gel for direct cleaning of Anilox cells and is developed specifically to remove ink deposits from Anilox cells. smart® CELLGEL should be applied directly to the surface of a dry roller, and is perfect for a quick intense clean or it can be left on the roller for up to 48 hours for a deeper clean.

To benefit from our Anilox Maintenance Boost or get further advice on Anilox maintenance and cleaning, contact us on 0871 224 3838 or email us at

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