Anilox Brushes and Pads

Our Anilox Brushes and Pads are manufactured specifically for cleaning Anilox rollers.

They offer:

  • Firm cleaning action without the risk of damaging Anilox cells.
  • Removal of stubborn marks from the engraved surface of the Roller.
  • Unique benefits for the cleaning of different Roller types and screen specifications.

Anilox Brushes

  • Anilox Brushes are available with Stainless Steel or Brass bristles.
  • Both brushes are made with a synthetic polyester block – this will not swell when soaked and helps to retain the bristles. Stainless Steel Brushes are better suited to cleaning Ceramic Anilox Rollers. They have tougher bristles, which provide durability when cleaning a harder surface.
  • Stainless Steel brushes are ideal for rollers with lower screen specs and a larger cell size.
  • Brass Brushes have softer bristles and are recommended for the cleaning of Chrome Anilox Rollers. They are also suitable for cleaning rollers with lower screen specs.


Anilox Pads

  • Our Anilox Pads offer a gentle but firm cleaning action and are suitable for cleaning both Ceramic and Chrome rollers.
  • With much finer bristles, the Anilox Pads are ideal for cleaning rollers with mid to high range screen specs with a much smaller cell size.


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